Conveyancing and Property Law.

Research has shown that the anxiety of moving house or buying property is one of the most stressful events that can occur throughout your life, in addition to divorce and bereavement. Organising everything before your move, as well as dealing with complexities of the legal process can prove to be very testing.

Specialists in residential and commercial property matters.

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At Iris Law Firm, we hope to guide you through the process, providing safe, sound, reliable advice from the start of your transaction, through to final registration of your home with HM Land Registry.

Given the stress involved, have you ever wondered why in some firms, conveyancing transactions are not all supervised by fully qualified solicitors? So have we. Therefore, at Iris Law Firm, we can assure you that your transaction will be overseen by highly experienced and fully qualified solicitors, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that you will receive very high standards of customer care and quality advice.

We are one of a privileged number of firms who have been awarded the Conveyancing Quality Scheme Award by the Law Society of England and Wales, in recognition of our adherence to proper protocols, efficient case management, excellent standards of customer care, and being able to provide peace of mind to our clients that their transactions are being dealt with by properly experienced and qualified people.

We are recommended by estate agents throughout the region.

We have recently formed a new partnership with national conveyancing specialists, Homeward Legal, FridaysMove, and In-deed Conveyancing.

The partnership will allow the local servicing of the 3 firm’s clients based in the North East of England by Iris Law Firm, enabling it to offer the very highest service levels on a local basis through our 3 regional offices.

The teams at Homeward Legal, FridaysMove and In-deed Conveyancing are committed to the delivery of first rate conveyancing legal services to property buyers, sellers and investors. All solicitors on their panel have achieved the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation awarded by the Law Society and are regulated by the SRA.

Senior Partner at Iris Law Firm, Claire Soltani commented: “Iris Law Firm has served clients across the North of England for years, building a lasting reputation for trusted legal advice and exceptional levels of service. We are delighted to have partnered with teams who have longstanding reputations as providers of residential property conveyancing.”

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Stages of the Residential Conveyancing Process

Stage 1 – Purchase

You will make an offer to the seller, via the estate agent. Upon acceptance of that offer, and our formal instruction by you, we will contact the seller’s solicitor to obtain the draft contract and related documentation.

We will make any necessary pre-contract enquirieswith the seller’s solicitors.
We will then receive a copy of the draft contract; fixtures, fittings and contents form; a property information form and, where relevant, copies of previous title deeds for us to check and approve.

We will then put your ‘searches’ in place, which is a process whereby we seek specialist registered information regarding the property you wish to buy. We will:

  • Obtain Local Authority Searches
  • Make any necessary enquiries to the seller’s solicitors including raising queries regarding disputes, boundaries, planning constraints and permissions, rights of way, restrictive covenants, guarantees or insurance policies, services, and the checking of any relevant list of contents included in the sale
  • Conduct any other necessary searches such as water or coal mining

If the property you are buying is a new build then we may need to make further checks.
The Contract will then be negotiated and agreed and preferred completion dates are discussed.
You will now need a formal mortgage offer (not just an agreement in principle).

Stage 2 – Purchase

You will need to pay your deposit monies, and sign your contracts.
Contracts are ‘exchanged’ – it is this process alone which legally binds you and the seller to complete the transaction.

A transfer document will be produced and sent to the seller’s solicitors.
Upon agreement of the transfer document both you and the seller will need to sign it.
We will then arrange the signing of the mortgage documentation and request your mortgage funds (if applicable). If you are a cash buyer then you will need to arrange the payment of the purchase monies to us so we can send them to the seller’s solicitors.

We will carry out final searches and enquiries.

You must pay Land registry fess and stamp duty prior to completion.

Stage 3 – Completion and beyond….

Completion day – we transfer the balance of the purchase monies to the seller’s solicitor.
When they confirm receipt, the property is legally yours.
You will then get the keys to your new home as the estate agent or the builder will permit the keys to be released.

We will tie up any final administration issues, including payment of any Stamp Duty, Estate Agent’s Fees and registration of your new ownership with HM Land Registry.

Selling Your Property

If you are selling your property, then the process is reversed.

Stage 1 – Sale

You will receive an offer for your property from the buyer and, once accepted, we will be formally instructed by you, possibly via the Estate Agent directly.
We will prepare the draft contracts and related documentation and send these to the buyer’s solicitors.

At this time, the buyer’s solicitors will be putting their searches in place and organising their mortgage offer.

Once the buyer’s solicitor has received the draft contract and related documentation, they may raise some enquiries with us regarding your property and request further information or documentation. We will contact you if this occurs, and then respond to the buyer’s solicitor in due course.

If you have a current mortgage on the property you are selling, we will seek a redemption figure from your current mortgage lender.

Stage 2 – Sale

Once the contracts are approved, we will meet with you have them signed.

Contracts are ‘exchanged’ – it is this process alone which legally binds you and the buyer to complete the transaction.

We will be sent a transfer document by the buyer’s solicitor.

Upon agreement of the transfer document both you and the buyer will need to sign it.
The buyer will organise their purchase monies and provide them to their solicitors.

Stage 3 – Completion and beyond….

Completion day – the buyer’s solicitor will transfer the purchase monies into our client bank account.
You are now no longer the legal owner of the property and we will authorise the release of the keys to your buyer.

We will then transfer the balance due to you directly to you.

We will redeem the balance of any outstanding mortgage on the property.
You will then get the keys to your new home as the estate agent or the builder will permit the keys to be released.

We will tie up any final administration issues.

Commercial Transactions

In commercial property transactions, the process is very similar.

Avoid the faceless world of online conveyancers, give yourself and advantage in the process, and get your solicitor in place in readiness for your move.

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